8 Local SEO Tips to Help Your Business Grow

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Local SEO is important. And its importance increases every day. As searching gets more real-time, personalised and local, results are based not just on a person’s preferences and previous searches, but also on the person’s exact location. Add to that the fact that Google tends to favour newer, smaller and more agile companies, then there’s no better…

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7 Online Marketing Objectives to Follow for A Successful Website Launch

alex calinov website design and development peterborough online marketing objectives

There is more to online marketing than simply creating an aesthetically-pleasing website. With more than one billion websites online, you must embark on an effective marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your website. How you market your website will determine its success, which is why you should read the…

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Alex Calinov – Certified Digital Business Consultant


Alex Calinov has completed a certified training program as a Digital Business & Website Consultant with WP Elevation. WP Elevation is a global business mastermind group for WordPress consultants that helps its members better serve their clients through communication, development workflow and project management best practices. WP Elevation gives its members access to ongoing education and…

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Alex Calinov – Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

alex calinov customer acquisition specialist consultant wordpress website developer

Alex Calinov has completed a certified training program as a Customer Acquisition Specialist with DigitalMarketer. DigitalMarketer is a community of business owners and marketing professionals seeking the latest research and best practices on driving more traffic, increasing conversion rates, and boosting social engagement. Certified Customer Acquisition Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid…

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alex calinov | website design & development web design in Peterborough customer acquisition specialist